We feel incredibly privileged to see the Taicer Alert take its place in a global technological response to the coronavirus pandemic. As we launch our state-of-the-art device into both corporate and leisure environments, harnessing the power of Bluetooth to help people keep a 2 metre social distance, an exciting mix of apps, scanners and sensors is doing its bit in the United States to help employees return to work after lockdown.

According to the Wall Street Journal, local governments and agencies are using location data from smartphones to understand how communities are behaving in terms of movement and to shape their strategies in return.

California, for example, was using this information to monitor the number of people on the state’s beaches as a means of ensuring that they did not become overcrowded.

The paper also revealed that US public health authorities are using data from movement tracking devices to help identify those infected with the virus, as well as predicting coronavirus hotspots.

Researchers from the University of California, meanwhile, are using data from “smart” thermometers to track fevers in the San Francisco area.

Online Crain’s New York Business reveals a similar situation in the Big Apple, with cities and states looking into the potential of a pandemic-management platform to monitor aggregated population movement, rather than that of individuals.

Many technical companies are adapting their businesses to meet the demand for wearable devices designed to keep the user safe and provide key data while protecting privacy. Information, including staff movement in New York City, comes from more than 300 weather and navigation apps.

Up to 400,000 New Yorkers have now returned to work, with many more expected to follow in July and technology, including foot traffic sensors, social distancing alerts, system tracing apps and temperature scanners, is spearheading the fightback. We understand how important this technology is in helping to combat the risk of infections and are excited to hear that a quarter of the city’s firms have invested in it.

We know this is the way forward, we know it works and we are looking forward to standing alongside our counterparts around the world as engineering cloud technologies help to deliver safety and confidence to those working in a wide range of office, factory and warehouse environments while restoring a sense of normality as we move out of these challenging times.


The Taicer Alert Team