Since launching the Taicer Alert, we have been inundated with enquiries from businesses keen to safeguard their staff and members of the media. Everyone asks what gave us the idea of creating an aid to social distancing. Our answer is always the same. We were inspired. Inspired by the great efforts that were going on around the world as people pulled together to do their bit to help the fightback against Covid-19.

It was plain to see that social distancing would play an essential role in helping to keep us all safe, with the rate of infection well under control. So, with our extensive knowledge and expertise in engineering cloud technologies, we pulled out all the stops to create something that would make a big difference to people in both corporate and leisure environments.

The brains at Intelligent Sport Technologies set to work, burning the midnight oil to come up with a small but beautiful device with power and potential to ensure that people were supported in maintaining the government’s 2m social distancing guidelines.

We all understand that stepping out of lockdown and back into the world can be an anxious time for many people. It’s not always that easy to judge 2m and, when friends and colleagues – and complete strangers –come rather too close for comfort, it can be more than a little embarrassing to have to ask them to step back. With the Taicer Alert, there’s no need for guesswork or potentially awkward social situations, as this tiny device – the size of a small matchbox – takes care of all distancing issues.

The Taicer Alert measures and speaks to its fellow devices, leaving you safe to get on with your work or play. . .

Team Taicer