Maintain safe distance between individuals

Ensure safety of people operating in your space.

As we look to return to our normal working and leisure environments it is still vital that we maintain appropriate distance from others.

The Taicer Alert device has been developed to support safe operation in your environment.

Taicer devices recognise the proximity of other Taicer devices and communicate. If two devices get too close.. they both emit an alert. The wearers of the devices realise that they have got too close and can step back to an appropriate distance.

As the safe distance regulations change, Taicer Alert can be reconfigured to meet any revised emerging guidelines.

Taicer User App

Taicer Alert devices record the time and duration of contact and hold this data. Wearers of the devices can communicate with their device and use the reported data to monitor and improve the effectiveness of their social distancing.

Taicer Admin App

The Admin App enables devices to be assigned to users. The App also the provides functions to download the contact alert data held on devices.

Taicer Web Portal

The Admin Web Portal enables access to MIS and multi device data analytics.  This data importantly enables refinements to be made to working practices to reduce frequency of contact alerts across the organisation.

Security of Data

No private data is captured, shared or circulated with 3rd parties. Your organisation has total control over any contact alert information.

Delivering freedom to operate for your organisation.

Let’s get back to work, let’s get back to doing the things we love in our leisure time, let’s do it all safely.

Bringing the power of Taicer technology

Social distancing innovation for your organisation.

The Taicer Alert device has been developed to be easy to deploy, easy to use and simple in operation. The devices talk to each other and so do not require external wi-fi or GPRS data communication. In operation they can be configured so that an alert event results in an audible sound. A flashing light can also be enabled to signal in addition or instead.

Connect it to Any Smartphone

The Taicer App works with Android phones and provides insight into contact time duration and device ID.

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Management Portal

MIS and Audit

Cutting-edge technology that would equip you with a highly effective means of adhering to social distancing guidelines, as well as ensuring that you have the right tool to govern and audit contact incidents as they arise.

Taicer software allows managers and event organisers to identify and address hot spots within a building or high levels of contact at specific times of day.

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Taicer Custom Options

A range of accessories are available for you to configure the Taicer Alert device for your organisation.

Custom Lanyards

Device Storage Cases

Custom Colour Options

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Keeping a safe distance is an effective and economic approach to ensuring safety


Taicer is a UK company based in the North East of the UK. We have appointed distributors across the world.

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