Taicer Alert


A state-of-the-art device to keep people safe in the workplace and busy corporate and leisure environments.

Small, discreet and simple to use, the Taicer Alert harnesses the power of Bluetooth technology to activate a gentle buzz or flashing LED when people have breached a two-metre space around one another, reminding them to step back and maintain a safe distance.

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Maintain safe distance between individuals
Ensure safety of people operating in your space.

As we look to return to our normal working and leisure environments it is still vital that we maintain appropriate distance from others.

The Taicer Alert device has been developed to support safe operation in your environment.

Taicer devices recognise the proximity of other Taicer devices and communicate. If two devices get too close.. they both emit an alert. The wearers of the devices realise that they have got too close and can step back to an appropriate distance.

  • Long Life – 3 months usage time *
  • Replaceable Battery – Coin cell battery can be replaced.
  • IP67 Rated – IP67 Water resistant and Waterproof.
  • Data Storage – Storage capacity for over 30k contact events.
  • Bluetooth – Tacier devices communicate via Bluetooth.
  • White List – Option to create white list of up to 45 devices.

Product contains:

Taicer Alert x 1

Techical Specification

Dimensions: 43.7mm*43.7mm*14.5mm

Battery: Panasonic CR2477/Rechargeable battery

Additional information

Weight 0.015 kg
Dimensions 4.37 × 4.37 × 1.45 cm